Exceptional Property Services by Hua Hin House

Hua Hin House offers a diverse selection of houses and condominiums for purchase and rent to help you find your dream home that aligns with your preferences and needs. As property agents, we also offer our services to those looking to sell or rent out their properties.

In addition to finding your dream home, we provide a range of exceptional property services that other agents may not offer, including assistance with reaching your desired property conveniently, legally, and comfortably. With over 15 years of experience in the property services industry, we possess comprehensive knowledge of critical information, important concerns, and other activities relating to property sales or rentals.

Accompanied Property Visits
As most property owners are Thai and communication can be difficult for foreigners, we will accompany you to the property, communicate with the owner, and act as your interpreter.

Document Verification and Information Checks
We will verify essential documents such as lease contracts, sales contracts, construction permits, and other related documents. Our experienced lawyer will thoroughly examine these documents to ensure that they comply with the law and are fair to you. We will also conduct checks on the property or property owner's history to ensure their reliability.

Document Translation
As most documents are in Thai, we offer translation services to any language of your preference for ease of understanding.

Company Registration
If you wish to purchase or rent the property under your company's name but do not have a company, we can help you establish a new company and purchase the property under it.

Land Office Assistance
We will accompany you to the land office, assist you in preparing documents, and communicate with staff to ensure a seamless and efficient process.

With our services, you can relax and leave all related activities to us, ensuring that you find your most suitable dream home with ease. Contact us to learn more about our exceptional property services.